At Six Feet Supplies, our goal is to help you to stay safe and to practice social distancing. We remain just as cautious with our team members, as we strictly comply to the CDC's procedures on sanitation and employee health.







We ensure that all volunteers are in good health and do not live with any at-risk persons.

We ensure that all volunteers are compliant with our safety procesdures and the CDC's  sanitation guidelines (proper handwashing technique, keeping 6ft distance apart, following the CDC's "keep yourself safe" procedures). Our volunteers have been trained with informational sessions hosted online.

We ensure that all volunteers wash their hands before and after retrieving supplies, as well as when  they enter or depart a store.

We ensure that our documents containing our safety procedures are easily accesible to our volunteers.

We ensure that our volunteers are equipped with sanitary measures, such as pocket hand sanitizers.


To remain compliant to the CDC's guidelines, your supply delivery will be placed at your front door to omit person-to-person interaction.

You will be notified by your deliverer when your order has arrived.

We offer online payment options, but if you need to pay in cash, we can accomodate for you!

Our volunteers will include an envelope (intended for money) with your supplies. You can leave the envelope outside, and given us a call/text, to omit person-to-person contact.

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