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At Six Feet Supplies, our group of student leaders decided to look beyond the need for supply delivery. We have developed Six Feet Solutions in order to address other needs around the community. As an organization, Six Feet Solutions develops projects covering various aspects of our community, including resources for mental support, physical activity, education, and skill-building.

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Led by Shaira Busnawi, Mukul Mohanty, and Sydney McDonald, all 11th Graders at West Ranch High School, Six Feet Support aims to address the feelings of isolation that the pandemic has created, offering free online therapy. 

By visiting their webpage, users can fill out a request form for someone to talk to. The contact form includes a field for the user to list their hobbies and interests, as well as the time that they are available to chat. One of the members at Six Feet Support will reach out to the user, providing them with someone to talk to.


Please don't be afraid to reach out to us. We are more than happy to hear your story, or to get to know you! We are here for you.


Jenine Mariano, 11th Grader at West Ranch High School, lives in an active household. She has personally seen the mental and physical strain that the quarantine has had on her family, and she can empathize for all of the other members of the community lacking the facilities and resources to remain active. Jenine founded Six Feet Strong in response, creating a platform to compile fitness videos from social media influences. 

By visiting their Instagram account, users can view a plethora of videos, which contain brief, engaging workout routines. The videos have been created by physical fitness trainers with a prominent social media following. Jenine hopes to address the physical and mental toll created from the lack of physical activity resulting from our pandemic.

Interested in learning a new workout routine? Check out the Six Feet Strong webpage below! 

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Ann Basil, 11th Grader at Golden Valley High School took note of the negative impact that the quarantine has had on the motivation of students, as well as the access to support for their studies. In response, she created Six Feet Studying to provide an online platform for high-school students to receive support from a tutor.

Ann has gathered over 20 tutors from a variety of subjects for Grades 9-12. The website features each tutor's contact information, as well as the subjects that they tutor.

In need of academic support? Check out the Six Feet Studying webpage to connect with a tutor today!


"Spring breakers say coronavirus pandemic won't stop them from partying." 
"New Orleans fears Mardis Gras fueled coronavirus outbreak." These were the kind of new headlines that frustrated Cassidy Bensko, 11th Grader at Valencia High School, who strongly felt that far too many young and able-bodied people misunderstand the importance of social distancing. 

Seeing more of these articles made Cassidy to brainstorm potential ways to build empathy for high risk individuals. She believes that, "we as a collective are only as strong as our most vulnerable member."

Through Six Feet Stories, Cass aimes to share testimonies of high-risk people in hopes of putting a face to the people that we are protecting through social distancing. She hopes that her efforts will help build a moral motivation in viewers to stay in doors. 

Interested in sharing your quarantine story? Check out the Six Feet Stories webpage!

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